Picture Gallery 2006

Spearfishing Clive Thomas Bass

Clive Thomas with 9 & 10lbBass caught in April

Spearfishing Trotsky Bass

Trotsky PB 13lb Bass

Spearfishing Eric Smith Bass

Eric Smith 10 & 12lb bass

Spearfishing Bass Dave Stephens

Dave Stephens with a fine Bass!


Daniel Thomas (Clives Son) showing how its done

Spearfishing - mixed bag

Eric Smith a mixed bag including, Cod, Bass, Pollack & a Trigger fish

Spearfishing Glenn Grouper

Glenn Cooke with his 1st Grouper (12kg) whilst on International Duty in Portugal

Spearfishing comp

Kevin Daly at Portland

Spearfishing Bream

Graham Worley with a Bream at Portland – but what is Trotsky thinking in the background!?!?


Clive Thoms mixed bag


Dave Thomasson with 7lb and 10.5lb Bass


Paolo and Mike with a couple of nice Bass


Pete Crawford at Sand Bay