Membership options are as follows:

Full National Member: £12.50 for first year, then £25/year thereafter

If you are a brand new member, please choose ‘Full National Member’ (NEW MEMBER) below to benefit from the first year’s discounted membership fee.

If you are an existing member who needs to renew their annual membership, please select ‘Full National Member’ (£25 per year) below.

Includes Membership card with Insurance details & can enter nationals, Float number, All Email groups.

Full Junior Member: free

As per National Member. Until 19th birthday

5 year member: £100

As for Full National Member, but with discounted fee for 5 years’ membership.

About our insurance

The third party liability insurance we provide is Civil Liability insurance so it covers all full members if they as individuals are sued or if they are sued as an organisation. The policy provides cover to pay compensation awarded by the court plus unlimited defence costs

Limit of indemnity £2,000,000 Jurisdiction Worldwide except North America.

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Full national member £25.00 per Year. Select
Full junior member Free. Select
Full national member (5 years) £100.00 every 5 Years. Select
Full national member (NEW MEMBER) £12.50 now and then £25.00 per Year. Select

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Once you have joined, you will be able to access your profile where you can add a photo. You will then be able to print your membership card.

Parental consent

If your application is for a minor (under the age of 18 years), you will be prompted to complete a parental consent form at the end of the checkout process.