London International


The Club was originally established in 1999 for several reasons. First and foremost it had become apparent that there was a large community of people living in and around London that shared the common passion for Spearfishing and Free Diving. It was also apparent that there was no existing association in London able to fulfil the demanding needs of this group. Due to the difficulty of living in or near London, far from the sea and, for many members, far from their home country, it was agreed that the Club would act as the centre point for many activities. Today the Club is involved in organising and coordinating a large variety of events and activities, including:

» Organising Club dives all around the UK, with boats or from the shore

» Facilitating the share of transport, boats, magazines/videos or finding diving partners

» Sharing knowledge about weather conditions, tides, fish, techniques and dive sites

» Organising international spearfishing trips. Due to the high international profile of the Club, from the beginning it was agreed that the Club should not only focus on the UK spearfishing activities but also provide its members with access to many spearfishing locations around the world. As a result the Club regularly organises many successful international spearfishing and freediving trips drawing on the wide network of contacts and knowledge of its UK and foreign members. Previous trips included South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, the Azores, Ascension Island and of course the United Kingdom.

» Organising Club meetings where the Club members regularly plan for the year ahead and for the Club's many activities

» Organising and participating in the UK Spearfishing Championship. Several Club members participate in the UK Spearfishing Championship, both individually and in Teams, and have repeatedly achieved top results. The London International Club also organises at least one Spearfishing Competition every year to promote the sport nationally and internationally.

» Organising social events, including the annual Club BBQ and prize giving, visiting the London Acquarium, local fish markets or various Diving Exhibitions

» Coaching beginners. In addition to sharing knowledge and coaching less experienced members, the Club gives access to specialist spearfishing and free diving courses

» Providing access to spearfishing and free diving gear. Through some of its members the Club provides access to top quality spearfishing gear at discounted prices, only available to Club members.

» Providing access to a wide international network. The Club maintains a network of good relationships with other spearos and spearfishing clubs worldwide, including Bluefins in New Zealand, Wahoo Club in South Africa, Provence Club in France and Apnea Team in Italy.

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